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We’d like to apologise for the lack of writing in this blog over the past couple of months! We’ve been very busy expanding the company and moving to new premises in the area, and of course, the first thing to go when time is short is marketing! Funny though, that should be the second most important thing on the to-do list after performing actual jobs. Life & business don’t always end up that way though, eh?!

We’ve recently struck a deal with a rather large company that sends so many leads to us that we now are completely booked out for the next few months and meant we have to expand much quicker than we were ready for, but there’s no greater feeling than doing what you love as a career! If you can manage to turn your passion into what you make a living from, there’s no greater life than that.

I’d just like to take this moment to tell you all, that if there is something you love doing, so much that you enjoy just the process of doing it, then you absolutely must do that as your career. Even better, if it’s something you can personally charge for, then building your own business around that on the internet is the absolute dream, and now-a-days with social media abound, it’s easier than ever to reach a large audience on a shoe-string budget and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Jump out of your comfort zone, and even though it’ll be hard building a business around your passion and the thing you love, because you love the process of doing it, rather than just the end product or reward, you will absolutely fight through anything to make it a success, and that’s the secret to every successful business and entrepreneur out there!

I would absolutely recommend you all search Gary Vee online and devour his content and find out why self-awareness and doing what you love are the most important things in your life. The scariest possible thing is living to 90 filled with regret. At that point there’s nothing you can do about it, and regret is poisonous. Never live with regret, or don’t pursue something because you’re scared of what could happen. You will always regret not trying, more than you’ll regret taking a chance to do what you think is right.

This has been a fairly preachy post, and I apologise for that, but I am so joyous in my life right now, and want to share this feeling with all of you, and want to encourage more of you to jump out of your comfort zone and get moving!

Loft Conversions

Here at Entreprise LB, we have been doing carpentry work all over the area of England. One of the places that we often work in is London, because we are often needed for our boarding work and woodworking skills. Because we are skilled with our woodworking skills and our foundation creating, we are often asked by loft converters in the United Kingdom to work with loft conversion companies and building & construction companies. Often with basement and loft conversions, there is a lot of woodworking to be done with each job, especially when extending or creating foundations for the companies and the customers’ homes. That is why they need someone who is both skilled at creating the foundations to make sure they are strong and sound while also needing someone that can make the boards to ensure a strong flooring system is in place.

When working with loft converters and other carpenters it is important for us to understand the exact needs and requirements of the customers and our partners themselves. Making mistakes with the dimensions of loft boards and the foundations themselves can be very dangerous and troubling. If you are unable to create the boarding’s to size specifics you are risking the loft conversion having a weak base, meaning that placing heavy items or furniture within the newly converted rooms and just fall through the floor. Worse would be if the flooring themselves break down, meaning that someone can get seriously hurt. If you are converting a loft to become a bedroom, then you will absolutely want to make sure that the flooring’s and foundations are as strong as possible so the person using the bedroom doesn’t get hurt.

What do carpenters do during loft conversions?

When creating a foundation for a basement or garage conversion it is just as important to ensure that the foundations you build are as strong as possible. If you were to build a weaker foundation or even use the materials, you risk the foundations collapsing into themselves. If the materials and lumber that you use are weak then you can’t expect the foundations themselves to stay standing after a significant amount of time, and the exposure to the moist and air within the basement can also degrade the foundations themselves over time. Even with the garage foundations, most garages do not have much space as it is. If you plan on extending the garage to fit more cars within or to create a bedroom, it is better the foundations are as strong as possible for safety’s sake.

Finally, when converting lofts, you also have a chance as a carpenter to install custom furniture or other designs within the home. With loft converters that you can trust – and in our case, that would-be Merton Loft Conversion – you have an opportunity to up-sell your bespoke furniture and built in wardrobe services. This is something that you should do through the loft conversion company that you are working with, as you may not have direct access to the customer or the customer themselves or even your partner company may find that very unprofessional. These are things you need to make sure you keep in mind.

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Entreprise LB and Small businesses!

At Entreprise LB our main focus is to stay both innovative and ahead of the curve with our carpentry. Since we work primarily with small companies and businesses, we understand that your professionalism and the customers first impressions are based with what they see in store. We also know that you would want your building and the store itself to look the best it possibly can. So, what are some of the benefits of ensuring that your buildings carpentry looks the best it possibly can?

Well for one, the cleaner and shinier the building and store looks, the better your products and your services look. If you were to step into a food store and the building looks rundown and dirty, then the customers would also assume the same of your products. Just like if you were to walk into someone’s home and it looks dirty or filthy, you would think the same of the person who owns the home. Why would this not be any different for you as a small business? First impressions and aesthetics look just as important as the product itself, since both you and the building the products are in help sell the product you have. This is one of the untold truths about sales, since subtle suggestions help more than anything else.

Benefits of a specialised carpenter

Another benefit to having a strong carpentry service working on your small business is the benefits of a longer shelf life, literally. With a less quality shelf or carpentry service, you can expect them to have a smaller lasting life because they have not been properly optimized for the specific function. If you are in need of a new door frame for example, the importance of correct measurements and counterweights are important, but another importance on the door frame is the materials used and the quality of the service working on the frame. Even something small such as drilling too wide or small a hole could mean the difference between a few years of the doors frame, or even a loss in strength. These are just small things but they will affect your building for years to come.

You will not want to pay to receive the same product or service year after year, but that will be a possibility if you do not use the correct carpentry company. That is why it is a benefit to work with a carpenter that focuses solely on small businesses, since it just benefits you over the years and allows us as a company to gain vital experience throughout the years to deal with every potential impact and issue that you as a customer may face throughout the years. We also feel that small businesses pay enough when it comes to taxes (trust me, we know!) in both corporation tax and VAT, and we also know that the marketplace for both carpenters and any other industry can be fickle with the turn of the economy. So, we want to do all we can do help you as much as you help us day to day!

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Sign fitting

Here at Entreprise LB, we have many years’ experience in providing our carpentry services to companies and small businesses along the United Kingdom. We briefly spoke last week about some of the weirder jobs that I’ve been asked to do such as the benches whose designs and dimensions were consistently changing, but now we wanted to talk a bit more about shop fitting and sign making. Many people forget that carpenters often create new signs for stores and small businesses because they believe that the signs are either plastic or metal sheeting, but this is not always true. You might be surprised to find out that often, we are asked to create new store signs for companies all the time. Shop fitting and sign fitting are and will always be a popular service for carpenters since there will always be companies in the world, but there are a few issues with shop fitting and store fitting you may not be aware of. I’m not sure I’ll have time to talk about them, but there is something that I do want to discuss.

Many times, we will see a sign on the top of a store that almost looks like a banner, as it is hung across the top of the building itself. If you were to go outside of a Tesco or Asda, you will see the big letters that outlay the stores names. This is considered a rarer sign fitting job for us, as the average business would just like a plaque with their name on for all to see. We personally believe that for professionalism, this looks much better than most. Because some designs can be either too outlandish or try to stand out too much, many forget the approach of “less is more” is more often than not right when it comes to marketing directly. Nobody wants anything shoved in their faces, almost as if you are trying to force someone to enter your shop or buy one of their products or services. What makes a great sign and a great marketing strategy is to subtly suggest to the customer that you are what they need without outwardly telling them.

Sign Fitting Mistakes

Another mistake that many get wrong when they ask us to create a sign for them is the colour schemes that they have in mind. Just as I was saying about not being too in your face and shoving your products and services down the customers throat, colours of both your store and your sign is just as suggestive. If you are a more professional company such as a real estate agents, having a purple and yellow sign hang above your building only serves to confuse your customers and drive them away because if you think that is considered good taste, then customers will also assume you don’t know good taste for a home too. The same can be said for fast food restaurants, if you think brown is a good colour for your store or sign, then clearly you have no idea what the customer reacts to.

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Carpentry fiasco!

Here at Entreprise LB we are a premier and consistent Carpentry business that services the entirety of the United Kingdom and often small businesses around the world that need custom, made to order furniture for their stores. A lot of the furniture that we make for the small businesses has to be custom made since it depends on the store what they need done. But one of the more interesting jobs that we have had to do in carpentry recently was the construction of a number of benches and tables for an upcoming music festival.

The festival required us to make picnic style benches and tables to be used outside the tents and buildings that were being used. But they also had a number of increasingly difficult and at points, ridiculous demands that made the job much more difficult than it needed to be. Like we told you, we were first instructed to build 100 different picnic style tables and benches, and they are the tables that have the benches welded into them. We were contacted a whole year prior to when the festival was taking place (and granted, it is a very well-known and popular festival in the United Kingdom). Once half of the tables had already been completed, they contacted us to tell us that they have had a change of mind about the design ideas that they had.

Change of heart

Although we had already created over 50 of these picnic tables, we have now been told that they are not necessary. As you can imagine, both the wasted materials and the huge amount of storage space that was necessary to house these became a serious problem for us. At first, we were under the assumption that the materials could be reused until they told us of their new idea for the benches. They wanted standalone tables with wooden stump benches that you would find in a lot of restaurants in Central London. They are basically carved stumps that are flattened on the top and bottom to give a rural and rustic feel for the restaurants, while being glossed to ensure that they are comfortable for the customers. They also decided they wanted the tables to be twice the size and thicker than the previous measurements they gave us, which as you could imagine, severely angered us.

This meant that we had to deconstruct the 50 picnic tables that we had already created to then turn into the tables that they requested. This took a few months alone, as we still had to process orders for 100 wooden stumps that we then had to saw and carve into the design that they had requested of us. We did end up completing the project overall, but because of both the miscommunication and the sudden changes of heart they had midway through the process, it meant that we had to do twice the work for half of the profit. Luckily, when we took this up with them they paid for the losses that we had to take during the project so it evened out in the end.

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Desk and Shelves

Here at Entreprise LB, we are a full-time carpenter and joinery that work mostly on small businesses around the area that we work. For obvious reasons, we don’t really want to say what that location is, but we have been doing this for quite a few years now. We have actually been doing it for so long now that the small businesses we work with often refer others to us. One of the main things that we do for small businesses (especially the jewellery shops around us) is building wooden contemporary shelves and desks. You would be surprised how often these shelves and desks are damaged from either the enemy that is time, or by others accidentally or intentionally damaging them. Because places like Jewellery shops require specific desks, we have begun to manufacture and deliver them all over the United Kingdom.


Often some of these shelves and desks are incredibly restrictive or specific. We have to build desks to fit around all kinds of angles and walls and often we try to specify each of these desks to the business that we are making for. Sadly, when it comes to small businesses the desks and shelves are not one size fits all and all require specific work to be done. Not only are the desks and shelves created to be a specific size but a lot of the time they also need a specific design to them. When you think of designer jewellery, they often need to look very sleek and stylish and often they need to use higher priced materials and wood to look just as sleek. They also usually need the same finishing’s (such as white plastic gloss finishing’s) and often they need to reflect the white light from the stores. This is usually for designer stores or shops that really need to make their goods and products stand out and shine.

Other places are a bit different however. In the past, we have worked with a McDonald’s in the area to repair one of the counters that had broken down. A flood had effected the store and it rot away the specific counter and they brought us in to fit it within a day. Since the counter they use there is very specific, we had to take the measurements of the counter and the specifications and create the new counter within a space of 4 hours, which as you can imagine is much more difficult than you would expect. I had to bring in some other guys to help because I lacked the specific materials that they wanted to use and I didn’t have the time to create the whole thing alone. It was a very rewarding experience both financially and mentally and it is things like those that made me glad to have started a business specific carpenters.

I hope that you enjoyed todays Carpentry blog post, and I also hope you enjoyed yesterdays as door framing is a very important part of what I do day to day! IF you have any feedback for any of my posts please do not be afraid to comment!

Door Framing for businesses

Construction concepts Engineer and Architect working at Construction Site with blueprint

One of the common misconceptions surrounding carpentry as an industry and as a business is that they are only used for residential reasons. By this, I mean that the only reason you would need a carpenter to help you is for something in your home such as bespoke furniture or door framing. But the more that people make this assumption makes it clearer how much everyone ignored the obvious signs that even businesses need carpenters from time to time for a multitude of reasons, and that is what this blog will be talking about. Entreprise LB is a company designed around servicing company’s and commercial properties for a variety of reasons.

One of the most common reasons that a company or business hires a carpenter is simply for repairing or installing a door frame. Sadly, to say there are many times a companies or businesses door frames are damaged by those who are trying to gain access onto the property without invitation, and these times are usually during an attempted or successful burglary. Often the door is broken down by blunt force which crushes and splits the door frame completely which means it has to either be repaired or replaces completely. In this case we usually make sure to not only do the job that is asked of us but to also reinforce the door frames and often fit an alarm to ensure that if they do still somehow manage to gain access to the property, the police will be called and hopefully they will be arrested as quickly as possible. It is a sad reason for many to require this service but it happens every day around the world and often we ensure that the business owner feels happier and safer overall.

Other times the door that needs to be repaired or replaced is simply damaged from a multitude of years effected by weather conditions, which is probably a better reason for a door framing to be worked on altogether. It is actually a very complicated but at the same time simple service that we provide at Entreprise LB and we have done it for a few years now! We actually feel like Door Framing is probably the most common and most needed service for businesses for the reasons we explained, and really its quite a simple service to perform.

Mostly we just build the new door frame that is necessary depending on the measurements and requirements of your door entrance to make sure it is as safe and structurally sound as possible. After doing so, we then make sure that the installation is also done correctly. This is the easiest part of the whole service and many people often are reluctant to have a door framing service because of this reason. Many businesses perceive the actual construction of the door frame is worrying but really as long as the measurements are correct the whole process should not take longer than a day from the start of the door frame construction to the installation. So, if you are in need of a new door frame then you really should contact a carpenter urgently to ensure that your businesses building is structurally sound. Please take a look at tomorrows post too as we discuss desks and shelves!

Welcome to our blog!

Hello and thanks for visiting our blog! We want this blog to be all about carpentry in businesses, for commercial use and for offices. We love carpentry, but we believe it’s especially good when it’s used in a utilitarian way. We want to highlight techniques used, some information about carpentry and hopefully, just be an interesting blog for people to read!

In the interests of honesty, we are a carpentry company based in Liverpool, but we’d like our company to remain anonymous for now as we want the focus to be on the carpentry we think is great, rather than selling ourselves!