Carpentry fiasco!

Here at Entreprise LB we are a premier and consistent Carpentry business that services the entirety of the United Kingdom and often small businesses around the world that need custom, made to order furniture for their stores. A lot of the furniture that we make for the small businesses has to be custom made since it depends on the store what they need done. But one of the more interesting jobs that we have had to do in carpentry recently was the construction of a number of benches and tables for an upcoming music festival.

The festival required us to make picnic style benches and tables to be used outside the tents and buildings that were being used. But they also had a number of increasingly difficult and at points, ridiculous demands that made the job much more difficult than it needed to be. Like we told you, we were first instructed to build 100 different picnic style tables and benches, and they are the tables that have the benches welded into them. We were contacted a whole year prior to when the festival was taking place (and granted, it is a very well-known and popular festival in the United Kingdom). Once half of the tables had already been completed, they contacted us to tell us that they have had a change of mind about the design ideas that they had.

Change of heart

Although we had already created over 50 of these picnic tables, we have now been told that they are not necessary. As you can imagine, both the wasted materials and the huge amount of storage space that was necessary to house these became a serious problem for us. At first, we were under the assumption that the materials could be reused until they told us of their new idea for the benches. They wanted standalone tables with wooden stump benches that you would find in a lot of restaurants in Central London. They are basically carved stumps that are flattened on the top and bottom to give a rural and rustic feel for the restaurants, while being glossed to ensure that they are comfortable for the customers. They also decided they wanted the tables to be twice the size and thicker than the previous measurements they gave us, which as you could imagine, severely angered us.

This meant that we had to deconstruct the 50 picnic tables that we had already created to then turn into the tables that they requested. This took a few months alone, as we still had to process orders for 100 wooden stumps that we then had to saw and carve into the design that they had requested of us. We did end up completing the project overall, but because of both the miscommunication and the sudden changes of heart they had midway through the process, it meant that we had to do twice the work for half of the profit. Luckily, when we took this up with them they paid for the losses that we had to take during the project so it evened out in the end.

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