Desk and Shelves

Here at Entreprise LB, we are a full-time carpenter and joinery that work mostly on small businesses around the area that we work. For obvious reasons, we don’t really want to say what that location is, but we have been doing this for quite a few years now. We have actually been doing it for so long now that the small businesses we work with often refer others to us. One of the main things that we do for small businesses (especially the jewellery shops around us) is building wooden contemporary shelves and desks. You would be surprised how often these shelves and desks are damaged from either the enemy that is time, or by others accidentally or intentionally damaging them. Because places like Jewellery shops require specific desks, we have begun to manufacture and deliver them all over the United Kingdom.


Often some of these shelves and desks are incredibly restrictive or specific. We have to build desks to fit around all kinds of angles and walls and often we try to specify each of these desks to the business that we are making for. Sadly, when it comes to small businesses the desks and shelves are not one size fits all and all require specific work to be done. Not only are the desks and shelves created to be a specific size but a lot of the time they also need a specific design to them. When you think of designer jewellery, they often need to look very sleek and stylish and often they need to use higher priced materials and wood to look just as sleek. They also usually need the same finishing’s (such as white plastic gloss finishing’s) and often they need to reflect the white light from the stores. This is usually for designer stores or shops that really need to make their goods and products stand out and shine.

Other places are a bit different however. In the past, we have worked with a McDonald’s in the area to repair one of the counters that had broken down. A flood had effected the store and it rot away the specific counter and they brought us in to fit it within a day. Since the counter they use there is very specific, we had to take the measurements of the counter and the specifications and create the new counter within a space of 4 hours, which as you can imagine is much more difficult than you would expect. I had to bring in some other guys to help because I lacked the specific materials that they wanted to use and I didn’t have the time to create the whole thing alone. It was a very rewarding experience both financially and mentally and it is things like those that made me glad to have started a business specific carpenters.

I hope that you enjoyed todays Carpentry blog post, and I also hope you enjoyed yesterdays as door framing is a very important part of what I do day to day! IF you have any feedback for any of my posts please do not be afraid to comment!