Door Framing for businesses

Construction concepts Engineer and Architect working at Construction Site with blueprint

One of the common misconceptions surrounding carpentry as an industry and as a business is that they are only used for residential reasons. By this, I mean that the only reason you would need a carpenter to help you is for something in your home such as bespoke furniture or door framing. But the more that people make this assumption makes it clearer how much everyone ignored the obvious signs that even businesses need carpenters from time to time for a multitude of reasons, and that is what this blog will be talking about. Entreprise LB is a company designed around servicing company’s and commercial properties for a variety of reasons.

One of the most common reasons that a company or business hires a carpenter is simply for repairing or installing a door frame. Sadly, to say there are many times a companies or businesses door frames are damaged by those who are trying to gain access onto the property without invitation, and these times are usually during an attempted or successful burglary. Often the door is broken down by blunt force which crushes and splits the door frame completely which means it has to either be repaired or replaces completely. In this case we usually make sure to not only do the job that is asked of us but to also reinforce the door frames and often fit an alarm to ensure that if they do still somehow manage to gain access to the property, the police will be called and hopefully they will be arrested as quickly as possible. It is a sad reason for many to require this service but it happens every day around the world and often we ensure that the business owner feels happier and safer overall.

Other times the door that needs to be repaired or replaced is simply damaged from a multitude of years effected by weather conditions, which is probably a better reason for a door framing to be worked on altogether. It is actually a very complicated but at the same time simple service that we provide at Entreprise LB and we have done it for a few years now! We actually feel like Door Framing is probably the most common and most needed service for businesses for the reasons we explained, and really its quite a simple service to perform.

Mostly we just build the new door frame that is necessary depending on the measurements and requirements of your door entrance to make sure it is as safe and structurally sound as possible. After doing so, we then make sure that the installation is also done correctly. This is the easiest part of the whole service and many people often are reluctant to have a door framing service because of this reason. Many businesses perceive the actual construction of the door frame is worrying but really as long as the measurements are correct the whole process should not take longer than a day from the start of the door frame construction to the installation. So, if you are in need of a new door frame then you really should contact a carpenter urgently to ensure that your businesses building is structurally sound. Please take a look at tomorrows post too as we discuss desks and shelves!