Loft Conversions

Here at Entreprise LB, we have been doing carpentry work all over the area of England. One of the places that we often work in is London, because we are often needed for our boarding work and woodworking skills. Because we are skilled with our woodworking skills and our foundation creating, we are often asked by loft converters in the United Kingdom to work with loft conversion companies and building & construction companies. Often with basement and loft conversions, there is a lot of woodworking to be done with each job, especially when extending or creating foundations for the companies and the customers’ homes. That is why they need someone who is both skilled at creating the foundations to make sure they are strong and sound while also needing someone that can make the boards to ensure a strong flooring system is in place.

When working with loft converters and other carpenters it is important for us to understand the exact needs and requirements of the customers and our partners themselves. Making mistakes with the dimensions of loft boards and the foundations themselves can be very dangerous and troubling. If you are unable to create the boarding’s to size specifics you are risking the loft conversion having a weak base, meaning that placing heavy items or furniture within the newly converted rooms and just fall through the floor. Worse would be if the flooring themselves break down, meaning that someone can get seriously hurt. If you are converting a loft to become a bedroom, then you will absolutely want to make sure that the flooring’s and foundations are as strong as possible so the person using the bedroom doesn’t get hurt.

What do carpenters do during loft conversions?

When creating a foundation for a basement or garage conversion it is just as important to ensure that the foundations you build are as strong as possible. If you were to build a weaker foundation or even use the materials, you risk the foundations collapsing into themselves. If the materials and lumber that you use are weak then you can’t expect the foundations themselves to stay standing after a significant amount of time, and the exposure to the moist and air within the basement can also degrade the foundations themselves over time. Even with the garage foundations, most garages do not have much space as it is. If you plan on extending the garage to fit more cars within or to create a bedroom, it is better the foundations are as strong as possible for safety’s sake.

Finally, when converting lofts, you also have a chance as a carpenter to install custom furniture or other designs within the home. With loft converters that you can trust – and in our case, that would-be Merton Loft Conversion – you have an opportunity to up-sell your bespoke furniture and built in wardrobe services. This is something that you should do through the loft conversion company that you are working with, as you may not have direct access to the customer or the customer themselves or even your partner company may find that very unprofessional. These are things you need to make sure you keep in mind.

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