Sign fitting

Here at Entreprise LB, we have many years’ experience in providing our carpentry services to companies and small businesses along the United Kingdom. We briefly spoke last week about some of the weirder jobs that I’ve been asked to do such as the benches whose designs and dimensions were consistently changing, but now we wanted to talk a bit more about shop fitting and sign making. Many people forget that carpenters often create new signs for stores and small businesses because they believe that the signs are either plastic or metal sheeting, but this is not always true. You might be surprised to find out that often, we are asked to create new store signs for companies all the time. Shop fitting and sign fitting are and will always be a popular service for carpenters since there will always be companies in the world, but there are a few issues with shop fitting and store fitting you may not be aware of. I’m not sure I’ll have time to talk about them, but there is something that I do want to discuss.

Many times, we will see a sign on the top of a store that almost looks like a banner, as it is hung across the top of the building itself. If you were to go outside of a Tesco or Asda, you will see the big letters that outlay the stores names. This is considered a rarer sign fitting job for us, as the average business would just like a plaque with their name on for all to see. We personally believe that for professionalism, this looks much better than most. Because some designs can be either too outlandish or try to stand out too much, many forget the approach of “less is more” is more often than not right when it comes to marketing directly. Nobody wants anything shoved in their faces, almost as if you are trying to force someone to enter your shop or buy one of their products or services. What makes a great sign and a great marketing strategy is to subtly suggest to the customer that you are what they need without outwardly telling them.

Sign Fitting Mistakes

Another mistake that many get wrong when they ask us to create a sign for them is the colour schemes that they have in mind. Just as I was saying about not being too in your face and shoving your products and services down the customers throat, colours of both your store and your sign is just as suggestive. If you are a more professional company such as a real estate agents, having a purple and yellow sign hang above your building only serves to confuse your customers and drive them away because if you think that is considered good taste, then customers will also assume you don’t know good taste for a home too. The same can be said for fast food restaurants, if you think brown is a good colour for your store or sign, then clearly you have no idea what the customer reacts to.

If today’s blog posts from Entreprise LB have helped you at all in making a decision for shop fitting or your sign, then please check out the rest of our posts. Thank you!